Notes on elements 

of the book

Authors note – October 25, 2017:

During the process of writing the book and then editing the copy, I read what I had written many times – probably more than twenty. Those were times when I was working on it, trying to phrase things in a way that made them seem to make sense.

I was hoping for a book that would be enjoyable to read. I did not set out to be witty or erudite, but natural – the way I speak. I am rather pleased with the way that it turned out.


​Monday of last week I picked up the book because I had run out of books to read, and I began reading my own work for pleasure.


It had been made available for purchase on Amazon a month or so previously, and I had not done any reading of it for a while. I had been occupied with Hurricane Irma for some time, and I had managed to put "2 Wheels/2 Weeks" out of my mind.


It is impossible to approach a project that has consumed as much time as writing a book does with a completely fresh outlook, but I had gotten far enough away from it so that many of the nuances had been forgotten.


I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I recommend it.

But then I would, wouldn't I?